National Examinations

The STAPS Department offers training in 2 National Examinations :


The external Certificate of Physical Education Teacher Aptitude (CAPEPS) is a national civil service examination used to become certified physical education teachers.

The preparation for the National Examinations takes place in the first and second years of the MEEF Master’s Degree‘s program, which teaches high schools and middle schools in PES.

Applications are to be sent to INSPE de Paris around the beginning of May to the end of June for the current year. Students will be registered both at Université Paris Cité and the INSPE de Paris.

Teachers of the City of Paris (PVP) in Physical Education

The examination for Teachers of the City of Paris (Professeur de la Ville de Paris, PVP) is open to candidates who hold a Bachelor’s in STAPS and who have either passed the first year of their master’s program or already completed a master’s degree.

The master’s degree must be presented during the appointment stage. A preparation course for the examination is available for the 2021-2022 academic year. This is a short-term continuing education course. If the minimum number of students is met, the course will begin in October 2021. Applications and registration take place via the continuing education platform Canditonline.

The full list of programs and national examinations is available on the City of Paris’ website.