Director of the STAPS Department : Arnaud Ferry

Professor Arnaud Ferry, a specialist in the physiology of exercise and the physiopathology of skeletal muscles, became the director of the STAPS Department of the then Université Paris Descartes on May 23, 2018.

Contact :

Arnaud Ferry became a professor in the STAPS Department in 1992 and has since authored hundreds of publications in scientific journals accessible on PubMed, which shows that professors in STAPS have contributed to quality research in the scientific field. He is involved in directing the Master’s in Sports Training and actively promotes myology, which is the study of the muscular system.

  • Director’s Secretary 
    Stéphane Humbert, Tel.: +33 (0)1 76 53 34 02
  • Administrative Director 
    Christophe Gallet
  • The Finance Unit
    Marc Le Lan,
  • The IT Unit
    Benoît Julien,
  • The Staff Unit
  • The Technical Unit
    Dominique Meclot,


Academic Coordinators

Academic Coordinator for the Bachelor’s in STAPS (L1, L2, L3) : Damien Vitiello

  • L1 : Agnès Pacquelin
  • L2 : Gilles Dietrich

Specialization in Sports Training (ES) :

  • L3 : Ludovic Teneze
  • Master’s Level : Arnaud Ferry and François Desgorces

Specialization in Adapted Physical Activity (APA) :

  • L3 : Pauline Maillot
  • Master’s Leve l: Bernard Andrieu, Sylvain Hanneton, Thierry Launay and Florian Britto

Specialization in Education and Motor Skills (EM) :

  • L3 : Emmanuelle Forest
  • Master’s Level : Bernard Andrieu
  • Organizational Chart (in French)