Facilities at the STAPS Department

Access to the sports facilities of the department is strictly forbidden outside of class and tutoring hours. 

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The majority of classes takes place on the premises of the STAPS Department. In addition to the lecture hall and the many classrooms, students have access to a number of sports facilities.

Each sports facility has locker rooms and bathrooms.

Watteau Gymnasium

Watteau Gymnasium – for racket sports and indoor team sports

Watteau Gymnasium


A dojo located in the Chailley Bert Complex for combat sports

Gajan Gymnasium

The Gajan Gymnasium where gymnastics and related activities are taught

An athletics track

The B. Jeu Building

The B. Jeu Building, which was inaugurated in April 2012, is complete with :

  • a boxing studio
  • a weightlifting room
  • a dojo
  • a gym
  • a cafeteria

B. Jeu Building