Professional Bachelor’s in Fitness

The Professional Bachelor’s in Fitness is geared at students with second-year undergraduate qualifications (BAC+2) and professionals who wish to enter the field of sports and fitness.

The program has three outcomes:

  • Project and team management through the development of fitness team leadership skills in order to implement and improve fitness and wellness services using a high-quality approach.
  • Improved marketing techniques (structuring supply and analyzing demand) and approaches to selling products and services related to physical activities and sports, by strengthening students’ business management skills.
  • Creation and management of fitness programs tailored to the target audience (children, adults, people with special needs, etc.) by graduates who are qualified to advise and follow up on physical activity progress.

The Professional Bachelor’s is a work-study program:

  • Half the week is spent at the university
  • Half the week is spent at the student’s place of employment (replacing the internship component)

The courses on the practical and technical aspects of fitness are associated with courses in physiology, anatomy, psychology, sociology, English, management, marketing, communication, sports, etc.

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